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Secure media platforms which give you the power to control your message, globally.

Using our end-to-end platforms, organisations have the ability to instantly create, manage, optimise and share all video communications, with secure in-house broadcast control and protocols.

Video Creation

Control instant, on-brand video creation.

Management and Compliance

Control management and compliance of all media content.


Control distribution to multiple jurisdictions, portals and social media.


Video creation wherever, whenever

High quality video creation shouldn’t be restricted to a set time and place. Empower your people to capture key moments when they happen with our optimised devices on an intuitive interface. Rapidly create on-brand ready to broadcast video in minutes, enhanced with bespoke graphical content.


Manage and secure your video assets

Take full control of your content. Platforms are set-up to mirror your existing communication approvals meaning only the correct people can review and sign-off video before it is shared. Security is paramount - all video assets are stored in your own secure end-to-end encrypted platform with verified associated metadata.


Multi-Platform, Maximum Reach

Approved video can be broadcast quickly and easily to internal or external audiences via private channels, in-house TV, social media or the web. A truly agile global communication solution, which can engage with distributed audiences across a multitude of devices securely and at speed.

Deep Layers of Security

Secure Broadcast supports military grade technology, ensuring safe transfer and storage of all digital content.

Complete in-house control of Creation, Management and Distribution of Media. Secure protocols, tiered access and inbuilt, obligatory compliance processes lock down all video assets.

Encrypted with SSL/ TLS, while in transit and with AES-256 (approved by the National Security Agency) when stored in the Secure Digital Vault.

Video embedded with geographical and contextualised metadata enables verification of when, were and who captures or views content.

Secure Broadcast in Action


Embracing Digital Technologies in Merck


Interview Preparation with Ulster University


African Social Enterprise Fund Launch at Sotheby's

Unbridled Creativity, Complete Control

Live events brought to life

Maximise live event coverage with professional video pushed to multiple social channels at speed. Extend the reach and ROI of your event by engaging a live global audience at speed.

Your own Global TV network

Rapid delivery of professional, automatically-branded video allows you to create your own corporate TV network for customers, investors and employees. Communicate to in-house or external audiences on securely managed channels. Content is compliant, HD quality and ready for broadcast.

Training, transformed

On demand, easily consumed video has become the defacto choice to develop skills for a busy and mobile workforce. Create and manage professional training video when and where you need it and share on your dedicated training channels.

Optimise Brand Awareness

Create platform-specific branded content and manage how it’s distributed. Extend your reach across multiple devices, media channels and social networks, educating your market and increasing brand awareness.

Making it personal

Recognising the need to help organisations provide a more personal and relevant side for their corporate communications, Secure Broadcast now allows companies to ‘particularise’ their video messages easily, and for the first time, combine personal company information, geo locational information and metadata within their video message - all in real-time.

Meeting the demand for more video

As individuals we’re creating and consuming more video than ever before. Many organisations struggle to keep pace and lack the ability to create and control video assets on their own terms. Secure Broadcast provides this capability, allowing professional video to be shared at the frequency expected in today’s digital world.

Intelligent Real-Time Video

A radical new paradigm in communication.

Discover how Secure Broadcast can transform your view of video.

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