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Secure Media Platforms

Control Your Message

Have complete control over all media communications with a full-stack Secure Broadcast Media Platform.

  • Control instant, on-brand video creation.
  • Control management and compliance of all media content.
  • Control distribution to multiple jurisdictions, portals and social media.

Push, pull and verify all media content with unique embedded metadata.

Product Overview ⟩
Product Overview

Current Events

Mobile World Congress Americas, San Francisco.

In September, San Francisco played host to the inaugural Mobile World Congress Americas (MWCA), one of the world’s leading technology events which showcases how mobile transforms how we connect and innovate.

The Secure Broadcast team were on the ground at MWCA, meeting many of the 25,000 industry leaders and delegates. Watch our Social Channels to hear the latest on mobile technologies and trends from an event which is at the heart of global technology innovation.

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What We Do

Transforming the future of video

Secure Broadcast has redefined how video and data dynamically interconnect. Real-time context-aware communications overlaid with smart graphics and dynamic data will change how video is channelled and viewed.

For the first time companies are able to instantly create, manage and distribute intelligent real-time video together with secure embedded metadata. Create personalised video using data and graphics, customised instantly for each viewer and location.

Realise the full potential of Video

In a world transformed by mobile, social media and instant messaging, video has emerged as the most popular and influential form of communication.

Given the complexity and speed of change, the challenge for organisations is not only about keeping pace but how to be distinctive while maintaining control and brand values.

Secure Broadcast allows organisations to enter a new world of communications, adapting video to multiple platforms and devices to inform and inspire anywhere in the world.

Research & Development

Minds firmly planted in the Future.

Our R&D team is leading the way in groundbreaking research into future and emerging technologies, ensuring a constantly evolving acquisition of ideas. Research is currently being undertaken in the following areas.

  • Smart Analytics
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Live Streaming
  • Product Placement & Geo-Marketing
  • Context-Aware Digital Signage

Enterprise Security

Secure. Compliant. Trusted.

Security at the heart.

Built with security in mind, organisations are free to explore and innovate in new levels of video engagement, safe in the knowledge they are protected at all times.

Enterprise ready.

With flexible architecture, hands on product training, and a dedicated R&D team of media experts, Secure Broadcast is committed to supporting and future proofing your enterprise video strategy.

ISO27001 certified.

International best-practice information security processes mitigate all security threats and securely protect customer data.

ISO27001 Certification

Talk to us today and transform your view of video.

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